I was born in Lima, Peru in 1968 and grew up in Caracas, Venezuela in a culturally diverse, loving family. I discovered the healthiness coming from the natural blessings of life; at a very young age. After graduating from high school; I had Haute Cuisine education in Switzerland on culinary arts. Then I studied law in Universidad Santa Maria, Law School in Venezuela and got my masters degree also on law and international affairs in Caribbean University. Following these; I had another degree and became an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, as well.



After marrying to my husband; I moved to Turkey where my father and great grand fathers had also born in. I received my equivalency diploma from İstanbul University and became the first South American female member of İstanbul Bar Association. During 20 years, in my atelier, my favorite spot at home, I carried on with improving my skills on healthy food.


I got motivated by my friends’, children’s and family’s interest and pleasure towards my healthy and delicious dishes. This motivation was the kick start of Clarita’s Way; my path to reach more people through my recipes. I published 3 books named A Guide to Healthy and Tasty Living, Healthy Meals Happy Children

and Flavors Over The Rainbow on healthy eating and well being.


With Clarita’s Way, I do transform good life cycle - physical, spiritual and mental nutrition- into life practices and convey it to people in my circle through the themes of Nutrition, Health and Law. And I aim to extend this guidance through workshops and conferences in 5 languages to reach and contribute to more individuals and corporations.


Clara Haia Seren Amram


"Love and honor your body"

In time, I became passionate about honoring our bodies which God granted to us each; by healthy eating, regular work out and positive thinking. Especially, just after I became a mom and began to teach my children how to eat healthy, exercise and take care of themselves; I started to spend most of my time in my atelier.


My ambition was to create brand new recipes with natural ingredients and make them children’s favourite. This passion paved the way to foundation of Clarita’s Way and inspired me to write my books.






Being healthy is a right and responsibility for every living soul…

Clarita’s Way focuses on the importance of strengthening self-perception first; on the journey with the individuals whose paths are crossed with Clarita’s way’s. Humans tend to appreciate their own value by discovering the beauty and secrets within and start to give this valuable self what it deserves.


You can see how easy and accessible healthy eating is, when you open yourself to healthy and natural options with Clarita’s Way. You can also focus on the moral and ideational nutrition which support your spiritual and mental health and discover new information about yourself on the way.


With Clarita’s Way, first we make an agreement with ourselves. At the very moment we learn to be fair and responsible to ourselves, we discover how life gains balance by itself.




What ever you feed your body, soul and mental world with; you will face their exact outputs. If they are natural and human friendly, this means the first step of healthy eating. Since right way of feeding your physical body is the key for your spiritual and mental health.


There is no need to consider the industrial nutrition and dieting advices for healthy eating. Nature has everything with endless options to structure your body.



When it comes to health; it is not only the physical health. Health is derived from not only our physical body; but also from our mental and spiritual body’s strength as well. The immune systems of our mental and spiritual bodies may be weaken because of usual distress in our lives. Just because of this fact; we should feed our mental and spiritual bodies with curative moral and ideational nourishment as well as our physical body.

The starting point is strengthening our perception of “self” and getting to know ourselves inside out. What makes us happy, what makes us anxious, what makes us feel balanced when we come side by side? These are all significant points to discover about ourselves.


Being healthy is a right and responsibility for every living soul.


All living things in our universe have the equal rights to live and to be nourished. Our individual sensitivities stand for everyone and every living thing. Which is why, I endeavour to create a universal law. I own a justice system which I believe I can adapt to whole world; yet to whole universe. And now it is time to share it with the rest of the world.

It should not be forgotten that our responsibilities towards our environment only create happiness when we fulfill our responsibilities towards ourselves. In the opposite case; a sense of responsibility turned into a duty would exhaust our body and soul.


My first steps to Clarita’s Way were my books which were written to reach more people by the information I have on healing.


I wrote “A Guide to Healthy and Tasty Living ” for adults, “Healthy Meals Happy Children ” for children and “Flavors Over The Rainbow

” on healing nutrition advices based on the colours of the nutrients.


In “A Guide to Healthy and Tasty Living”; I explained how to enhance your life quality in order to live it healthy, active and joyous; without making a significant change in your diet. In “Healthy Meals Happy Children

”, I shared natural, delicious and practical recipes -that i’m sure children will love- which turn healthy eating into real fun.


In “Flavors Over The Rainbow ”; I shared my colourful, delicious, healthy and easy to prepare / easy to digest recipes which I used fresh and colourful ingredients Mother Nature granted us.


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